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Bedrock Network:

Bedrock Network is a mini-game VANILLA server owned by MissingNo. The server is made out of redstone mechanic using Command Blocks. The redstone is all made by the Owner of the Aquila Games server MiissingNo. All staff members have been selected by MissingNo and staff applications are not included!

The server has also got a webstore with a lot of amazing Donator Ranks Those include amazing perks that become better as you purchase a Rank Upgrade. A Rank Upgrade is a package that you purchase from Bedrock Network's webstore and lets users who currently have a Rank to get to the next Rank. Example: If you have Rank 1 and you want to get to Rank 2, you get the Rank1-Rank2 Rank Upgrade.

Server Rules:

1. Do not swear or harass other users! -Temp Ban

2. Do not ask for Staff, Builder or OP! -Temp Ban (Perm Ban if user continues)

3. Do not use caps unless they are used for players' usernames and/or games! - Temp Mute (Perm Ban if user continues)

4. Do not advertise other servers! -IP Ban

5. Do not post links that are not included in the List below! -Perm Ban

6. Do not use inappropriate names/capes/skins! -Perm Ban

7. Do not use any hacked clients or mods apart from Optifine, Shaders, Mo'Bends/Animated Players Mod! -Perm Ban

8. Do not threaten other users! -IP Ban

9. Do not ask for a chargeback! -Perm Ban

10. Do not spam the chat with random messages, advertisements, harassments, bad language! -Temp Mute (Perm Mute if user continues)

10. By donating, you do not get protection from mutes and bans. We can mute/ban you whenever we must!

Link List:

minecraft.net/ serverkart.com bedrocknetwork.serverkart.com youtube.com (NOT INAPPROPRIATE VIDEOS) 

BE CAREFUL! Wherever you see a "/" it means that you can show a part of a webstie ex: minecraft.net/changeyourskin! 

When you see no "/", it means that you can not post parts of websties!

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